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About Global Café

Global Café, an International food hall, hosts three immigrant/refugee food entrepreneurs cooking and selling an eclectic mix of affordably priced dishes from their home countries. Try authentic dishes from Sudan, Nepal and Syria all under one roof!

Global Café aims to be a gathering place to bring together guests from all different walks of life interested in learning more about different cultures and enjoying wonderful ethnic food. The Crosstown neighborhood is home to a very diverse population representing many different countries, which makes it the perfect home for Global Café.

Global Café is managed by Juan Viramontes, a talented chef who immigrated to California from Mexico with his family when he was a child and who recently relocated to Memphis for Global Café. Our three Chefs are from Nepal, Sudan and Syria. Our employees come from Bhutan, Mexico, Nepal, Somalia, Sudan, Switzerland, Syria and Zambia.

Global Café is open for lunch and dinner, has a full bar and provides takeaway and catering options.





Fayha, Chef, from Syria

Fayha was born and raised in Syria. She moved to the United States in 1992 with her husband Ahmed.

Fayha is very active in her community and can be found helping new Syrian refugees settle into their new homes and helping anyone she can. She is know in the Middle Eastern community as the woman to call for authentic, affordable and delicious dishes.



Ibti, Chef, from Sudan

Ibti was born and raised in Sudan. She and her husband, Abdalla, resettled to Egypt in 1995, leaving their home country of Sudan. In 1999, they moved to the United States, seeking political asylum.

Ibti lives in Binghampton with her husband and three children. She is very active in her community. She is well known in the neighborhood and beyond as she served as the Chef at Caritas Village for 5 years. She is famous for her delicious soups!



Indra, Chef, from Nepal

Indra was born and raised in Nepal. Her parents are from Bhutan. She was resettled by Catholic Charities in Memphis in 2011, along with her family.

Indra is part of a very colorful and lively Nepalese refugee community. Many Nepalese live in the same area of Memphis and they are known for their beautiful vegetable gardens. Her Mo Mo dumplings are famous across town!




Juan, General Manager and head Bartender, from Mexico

Juan was born and raised in a very poor area of Mexico. Along with his parents and 10 siblings, Juan moved to Southern California in 1991.

Juan has been working in the culinary industry since he attended an advanced culinary class in 7th grade. Juan is not only a talented Chef but he also is known for his beautifully made drinks.




Sabine, Owner/CEO,  from Switzerland

Sabine was born in Vevey, Switzerland,  where Nestlé is headquartered. Being a coffee and chocolate snob is therefore in her DNA. She is a world traveler who is fluent in five languages. She is also a vegan who loves to eat but cannot even boil an egg.

She moved to California from Switzerland when she was 21 and has lived in Southern California, Texas and Tennessee. She is the proud mom of a daughter, India and a son, Kai as well as three rescue dogs.

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Martinis & Mixed Drinks


Chocolate/Hazelnut Martini***  10.95
Vodka, kahlua, irish cream 
Amaretto, Frangelico 

Fresh squeezed lime drop  9.95
Vodka, Fresh squeezed lime drop 

Perfect 10 Martini  10.95
Tanqueray #10 Gin
dry vermouth 

Sudanese Sundance  8.95
Vodka, agua de Jamaica 

Peach Martinez  8.95
Tequila, peach schnapps

Dirty East Coast martini  10.95
Grey Goose vodka, olive juice
Splash dry vermouth

Melon Ball Martini  8.95
Vodka, midori, OJ

Pomegranate Twist  8.95
Vodka, pomegranate juice

Paloma  7.95
Cuervo Tradicional 
fresh squeezed lime

Syrian Sangria***  5.95
House Merlot, Agua de Jamaica 

Nepalese Green Tea***  7.95
Svedka Vodka, Melon liquor 
White Cranberry juice   

Cancun Sunset***  7.95
cuervo conmemorativo
peach schnapps, oj
splash of agua de jamaica

Mexican Mule  7.95
Cuervo Conmemorativo
Ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime 

Iced mocha***  7.95
Vodka, kahluah, irish cream 

Ginger/Strawberry lemonade***  8.95
Gin, strawberries, Fresh squeezed lime  

Mango Mai Tai  9.95
light rum, dark rum 
spiced rum, mango pure

Wolf River Water***  9.95
Vodka, gin, tequila
triple sec, sweet and sour
Splash of Agua de Jamaica


*** Global Café Creations exclusive to Global Café


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A social enterprise:
what does it mean?

The majority of our employees are immigrants and refugees. We are from Syria, Sudan, Nepal, Bhutan, Mexico and Switzerland.

Our tip pool is divided between the cooks, the bartenders and the dishwashers.

Global Café was started to empower immigrant/refugee food entrepreneurs to set up a food business at no upfront cost to them.

We use a profit-sharing model.

We are family!